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White Coal Plant

Welcome to White Coal Plant

More than 3 decades of experience in the industry as the top manufacturer, JK White Coal Plant provide an extensive range of sugarcane bagasse dryer, wood sawdust machine and wood sawdust powder dryer convert the agriculture waste, wood waste, veneer waste and biomass into white coal, briquettes something useful.

White coal can be carried out in various machine to prepare uniform shape and sized white coal, briquette. We have achieved a great reputation in the domestic and international market for the timeliest delivery of the white coal plants.

We are an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization to provide the highest and government approved quality standards and specification in the machines. We offer various kinds of premium quality white coal plant equipments that help in the process of preparing the white coal, briquettes.

Why choose JK White Coal

a few reasons

A white coal plant is a specially designed to prepare uniform shaped white coal in the machine. This machine has various elements and section inbuilt in it to perform each of the functions necessary in preparing the white coal.

The white coal plant is even offered in various elements like the biomass dryer, sawdust making machine and the main compression unit. The white coal plant comes in various shapes and size depending on the utilization and the size of white coal, briquette that is required by the customer.

White Coal Machine is a densification process that converts the waste into the convenient fuel prepared in the white coal plant. These plant have a great capacity of producing uniform shaped white coal, briquette at a high rate.

Each of the machines in the plant is fabricated from high grade materials and assembled through the best technology. We present them to the customer in the various models to allow them select the most appropriate machine as per the requirements of their industry.

  • ISO 9001-2015, EU/CE certified and patent certified
  • We Know your needs. You can trust us.
  • Our customers are more important than our profits.
  • We respond to your needs with helpful solutions.
  • Waste to Energy, Clean Energy. Think wind, water & sun.
  • Give your biomass, veneer waste, wood waste. we convert your waste into white coal.

With great motive and mission to provide White Coal Energy, JK White Coal India was been started in 1994, produce innovative binderless technology for Biomass waste, Wood Waste management and leaving green footprint across the world by providing Waste To energy.


We are an ISO 9001-2015, CE certified and patent & design certified with many satisfied customers domestic & internationally as we are following European Standards in our White Coal Plant through which we have worked with more than 75 countries.

Zero Carbon

White Coal from Biomass waste is a completely carbon free as made with binder less technology. This 100% carbon free product hugely demanded world wide and make unique image in all over the world of White Coal Plant.


We would like to justify our main tag line ‘Customer Satisfaction is our Motto’and also like to provide guild lines and knowledge about renewable energy to the society for better environment by supplying maximum White Coal Plant.

Technical Support.

The main objective of the White coal Plant after sales team is to provide after-sales services adapted to each customer's specific needs. This department supplies spare parts and integrates technological consulting as well as technical maintenance.


Just 3 big ideas

how we aproach the projects
Waste to Solution

Waste to Solution

Agricultural waste, veneer waste, wood waste, veneer waste, forestry waste, municipal solid waste and dung waste are increasing rapidly worldwide. Now JK White Coal gives you a white coal making plant which convert any type of waste into energy. Also You can make white coal from municipal solid waste and use these white coal as a fuel.

No one is using this wastes and all these wastes are burned. JK White Coal is saying that to burn all these wastes can increase pollution and spoil the environment. There is a big benefit to recycle these wastes.

White Coal Briquettes

How To Make White Coal, Briquettes

To make this white coal fuel you required install white coal plant. With the white coal machine you can make white coal, briquette from any type of biomass, forestry waste , municipal waste and you do not require to mix any type chemical to make white coal.

If you have wood logs or veneer waste then first you can make powder from wood powder machine, sawdust machine and then you can make white coal, briquettes.

If moisture content in your raw material is more than 12% then you require to set up biomass dryer. Our sawdust dryer machine is very useful to remove moisture content from raw material like any type of biomass, municipal waste, wood powder and sawdust.

White Coal Briquettes

Why White Coal, briquettes?

White Coal, Briquettes are more sustainable and more energy-efficient and could reduce the pressure on forests and lower pollution levels in urban areas, that is, if more people start using them.

Along with the compactness of the white coal, briquettes is the increase in heating value (High Calorific Value: around 4000-4800) white coal, Briquettes can relatively produce more intense heat than other fuel. They have a higher practical thermal value and much lower ash content (2-10% compare to 20-40% in coal).


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