Wood Sawdust Dryer?

Wood Sawdust dryer is suitable for drying various waste materials such as sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, wheat straw, bark, bagasse, pasture grass, etc. After the materials are quickly dried, they can be processed into fuel using molding equipment, which can promote the development of local white coal,briquettes, wood pellet biomass fueling.

Wood Sawdust dryers are consist of heating furnace, feeding port, cylnder, filter cylnder, conveying pipe, cooling cylnder and discharging port. Wet materials are continuously sent into the cylnder through a screw conveyor and then get separated and pushed by the high-speed hot flow.

Technical Specification
  • Capacity : 2000-3000 Kgs/Hr
  • Input Raw Material: Any agriculture waste, any wood sawdust powder
  • Material Dia Size: Up to 5mm
  • Material Length Size: Up to 20
  • In Put (Feed) Moisture: Up to 40%
  • Out Put Moisture: Up to 15%
Electricity / Power
  • Required power connection : 65HP / 48Kw
  • Practical used Amp. Load :45–55 (Approx)
  • Power consumption : 20–25 Units / Hr.
Production Capacity
  • Up to 3000 Kg/Hr 10% ± (*The production capacity depends on the density and moisture of the raw material)
  • Sawdust:2000 to 3000Kg/Hr (Apx.)
  • Rice Husk :2000 to 3000Kg/Hr (Apx.)

Our wood sawdust powder Dryer is designed to reduce moisture from 40% to 10%. Which is suitable for biomass white coal plant, biomass power plants, pellet mill and other industry.